Licence Ontario FSRA 10134 British Columbia BCFSA X300202 Alberta RECA

+ 2 % Recruiter Bonus
Introducing other recruits or candidates to licence with CMB, pays off with a 2% Bonus on your recruit's gross annual commission.

Mortgage Licence
Ontario - British Columbia - Alberta.
For Independent Mortgage Agents,Brokers, Submortgage Brokers,and Associates 

Independent Plan
Executive Plan
Executive Plus Plan
75% - 95%Commission

2% Recruiter Bonus

60 Sponsored Lenders

No Monthly Fees
90% Commission

15% Recruiter Bonus

Direct Lender Contracts

No Monthly Fees
90% - 100% Commission

15% Recruiter Bonus

Direct Lender Contracts

Flat Fee Option

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+ CMB Mortgage Referral Program
Rewarding your referral partners is a great way to generate mortgage referrals.  The CMB Mortgage Referral Program helps you add credibility to your presentations.

+ CMB Marketing Plan
We're not concerned about where you've been, but more interested in where you want to take your mortgage business.  Let CMB show you how to simplify your prospecting and business development activities.

+ Your Customized Webpage and MortgageRatesMenu Helps Win and Educate Clients 
  > Achiever Series - Mortgages for hard to approve clients
  > Competitor Series - Mortgages for AAA borrowers at low rates
  > Specialty Line Series - Credit lines and private mortgage products
  > Commercial Series - Mortgages for Investment, Commercial and Industrial Properties

+ CMB Training Video Library
CMB Independent Mortgage Agent, Brokers, Submortgage Brokers, and Associates meet in person or online every month.  However, all CMB Independent Mortgage personnel have free access to the Video Training Library.  Videos include topics such as; Business development, product knowledge, Expert training and more.  The videos can be watched on your computer or phone device, anywhere or anytime.

For us at C.M.B. Canada Mortgage Brokers Inc., independence means providing an environment for our Independent Mortgage Agents, Brokers, Submortgage Brokers, and Associates to run their practices autonomously, without production conditions or costly monthly mortgage fees.  We think it is important that independent mortgage agents, brokers, submortgage brokers, and associates have a wide menu of mortgage products and services to serve their clients, along with smart integrated technology that is functionally robust and easy to use.At C.M.B. Canada Mortgage Brokers Inc., we understand our responsibility is to give your business the back-office support so you can run your financial  practice. Never before has this seemingly simple exercise been so elusive to realize. The competitive pressures of today and tomorrow demand a strong relationship between independent mortgage agents, brokers, submortgage brokers, associates and their brokerage that is based on core values and a shared perspective. C.M.B. Canada Mortgage Brokers Inc. is committed to using every resource we have to ensure your independence and the continued success of your business.

We want to help your mortgage business, not own it.

For more information on becoming an Independent Mortgage Career, please contact:

Victor Simone
Office Number: 416.410.1315 Ext. 4

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+ Tiered Commission Plans starting at 75 %
Our commission plans start at 75% base commission and can go as high as 95% on certain performance.
Also, we have the CMB Presiden't Pick 90% Commission Campaign that runs throughout the year paying 90% commission on certain lenders and products.

Commission Plans

Calgary       403.456.2377

Toronto      416.410.1315

Vancouver  778.383.1995

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