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Frequently asked Questions:

Q.  What mortgage can I afford ?

A.  Asking " what mortgage can I afford " is probably the second most important question of all.  Getting the best mortgage rate or timing a mortgage before locking into a fixed rate, are important to your savings, but not as important if you lose your home to foreclosure.    The type of mortgage is not as important as affordability.

Q.  How much of a mortgage can I afford ?

A.  CMB has some tools to help you determine and answer the dreaded " how much can I afford for a mortgage in Canada ".  Step 1)  Make a budget so you can know what your income can afford to pay on monthly bills.  Step 2) Calculate your mortgage payment with the help of one of our mortgage agents.  Step 3) Review your mortgage options with one of our Mortgage Agents and we help you pick a mortgage.  Step 4) Enjoy your home and relax with your unique mortgage, because we have many options for a mortgage approval.

Q.  What is equity ?

A.   The equity you have in your home is your downpayment on a property purchase, so the mortgage downpayment is equity.    Another way to build equity in your home is the growth of the value in your home or property, minus the sum of your total mortgage outstanding.  Using real estate to build equity or net worth can be a very satisfying long term strategy to building wealth.  Let CMB help your achieve your financial goals, by letting us help you to choose the right mortgage.

Q.  What about a bad credit mortgage ?

A.  Mortgage approvals for those that can't meet lender or insurer guidelines is one of our specialties, because CMB offers many mortgage products and lenders with easier mortgage approvals.  Taking a mortgage application helps your mortgage agent determine possible rates and terms, and we match a product to your profile.  Call us today and book your mortgage application meeting.

Q.  What does it cost to use a mortgage broker for my mortgage approval ?

A.  CMB provides you with free residential mortgage approvals and we do not charge you to complete a mortgage application and arrange a mortgage approval.  Any terms and costs (if any) are disclosed to you so you won't get any surprise mortgage closing costs.  We get paid by the lenders for most of our products, and we disclose any mortgage fees to you for review prior to you accepting our mortgage approvals.  

Q.  What mortgage lenders does CMB have access to ?

A.   Although, CMB has access to over 40 mortgage lenders in Canada, CMB used 17 mortgage lenders in 2012.  We determine our lenders by the unique needs of our borrowers, so we don't end up using all the lenders every year.  

Q.  What are some of the lenders that CMB uses ?

A.  Some of the more well know mortgage lenders are;  TD Canada Trust, Scotia Bank, National Bank of Canada, B2B, Desjardins, ManuOne, Industrial Alliance, AGF Trust, Meridian, and many other brands from Monoline Lenders.  Let us help you pick a mortgage.

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