Step 4: Obtain Certified Criminal Record Check
You must provide RECA with an acceptable certified criminal record check (CCRC). How to obtain a CCRC is found here. As the CCRC is only valid for 6 months, you can start the application process for your CCRC when you are close to completing the course.

Please note that you have only one year to become licensed from the date of your successfully completed final exam.

Step 6: Select Broker
Research, interview and select a mortgage brokerage that best suits your goals.

Step 7: Submit Licence Application
Once RECA has advised you that it has received your CCRC, you must complete a licensing application through your broker who can register you with the brokerage.

Note: If you have a criminal record, bankruptcy or disciplinary action by an organization, the executive director of RECA will need to determine your suitability. You may apply for a suitability review before completing REAP. To do so, complete the suitability form and forward it to RECA.

For information on the fees payable to become a Mortgage Broker/Associate , please see the fee schedule

For additional information on eligibility requirements, education requirements, suitability, CCRC and the licensing process, click on the links below.

British Columbia

What does it cost to become a Submortgage Broker in BC ?

University Course $1,075 (exemptions are possible, see site links below)
New 2 Year Sub-Broker Licence $1,000 

To become a registered mortgage broker in British Columbia, you must:

    - be at least 19 years of age,
    - complete the Mortgage Brokerage in British Columbia course at the University of BC
      Saunders School of Business, (Fee $1,075)
    - find a Brokerage like CMB, then
    - CMB submits your registration to the Financial Institutions Commission for your licence ($1,000 fee)
Mortgage Brokers Act of British Columbia

Education Requirements

Licensing reciprocity for current licensees in other provinces

Making mortgage related referrals

Fees payable under the Mortgage Brokers Act


What does it cost to become a Mortgage Agent in Ontario ?

Ontario Mortgage Agent Course REMIC $345
New 2 Year Mortgage Agent/Broker Licence $ 1,156.00 
Renewal 2 Year Mortgage Agent/Broker Licence $ 1,056.00

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Mortgage Licence Request

Step 1 Complete your licence request below
Step 2 Phone interview, review CMB commission offer and agreements, accept CMB offer
Step 3 Send paperwork by email,  renew or transfer licence by licensing link

Request Form to Licence with C.M.B. Canada Mortgage Brokers Inc.
Ontario Mortgage Licence Renewal, Transfer Licence to CMB, & New Licence at CMB

Outstanding Requirements                                                     

New, Transfers, Re-activate Licences ( Items 1 through 9 )
1.   CMB Independent Mortgage Contractor Agreement
2.   Ontario Mortgage Agent Certificate, and / or Ontario Mortgae Broker Certificate
3.   Police report not older than 3 months.
4.   CMB Commission Plan Form
5.   CMB Recruitment Services Agreement 

Renew Licence ( Items 6 through 9 ONLY )
6.   CMB Marketing Plan
7.   2018 Continuing Education Certificate from REMIC, IMBA, or CAAMP (CMB requires for new agents too)
8.   CMB Standards and Practices Form
9.   Credit Card Authorization Form (New Agents /Renewals ONLY)
10.  Licensing Link email will be sent after receiving online request below, and above paperwork. 

Mortgage Licence

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Licensing and Compliance


What does it Cost to become a Broker or Associate in Alberta ?

New Mortgage Agent Courses $1,500 (One Time)
New 1 Year Licence $625 (Annual Renewals $525)

Becoming a Mortgage Associate Professional diagram

Licence reciprocity for current licensees in other provinces

Step 1: Submit Eligibility Application Form: 
You must meet the following minimum eligibility criteria:

Be a Canadian Citizen or have a Permanent Resident Card or Work Permit
Be a minimum of 18 years of age
Hold a Canadian high school diploma or completed Canadian post-secondary 2-year diploma or degree
Be proficient in the English language

Step 2: Complete Fundamentals of Mortgage Brokerage
Once your become eligible to enroll in Mortgage Associates Program (MAP), you must enroll in the first course, the Fundamentals of Mortgage Brokerage.

Step 3: Complete Practice of Mortgage Brokerage
Once you have successfully completed the Fundamentals of Mortgage Brokerage exam, you must enroll in the Practice of Mortgage Brokerage course, through the Alberta Mortgage Brokers Association (AMBA).
(Fee for Both Courses $1,500 )

​​Licence Ontario FSRA 10134 British Columbia BCFSA X300202

Toronto      416.410.1315

Vancouver  778.383.1995