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CMB Peer Groups

Every CMB Independent Mortgage Agent, Broker, Submortgage Broker, and Associate is welcome to attend these workshops.   These sessions are split into two main categories called the Business Development Peer Group, and Technical Development Peer Group.   Once you sign up for either or both of these Peer Groups, you will be added to an Open Peer Group by CMB Head Office.

Peer Group meetings can be organized to meet anytime at CMB Head Office, on GoToMeeting, or any location that is convenient to that particular Peer Group.   Peer Groups are organized into teams of 7 members, and each Peer Group appoints a Facilitator and Time Warden.

Business Development Peer Group

This is a Peer group of CMB Independent Mortgage Agents, Brokers, Submortgage Brokers, and Associates meet to discuss; 

  • CMB Marketing Plan
  • CMB Mortgage Referral Program
  • Prospecting and Sales Techniques
  • Sales Objection Techniques
  • Business Problems and Solutions 

Technical Development Peer Group

This is a Peer group of CMB Independent Mortgage Agents, Brokers, Submortgage Brokers, and Associates that meet to discuss;  

  • CMB's 5 Major Product Lines
  • Expert Software
  • CMB Lender List
  • Education Needs

Monthly Mortgage Meetings

CMB Canada Mortgage Brokers Inc. and it's Independent Mortgage Agents, Brokers, Submortgage Brokers, and Associates share time together to review mortgage products and services, new marketing ideas, and technical support to help new or senior agents with applications or training.  If you can't attend the scheduled meeting live or by GoToMeeting, then you can visit the CMB Video Training Library anytime for the same information.  

Other guests are welcome to attend most meetings, but some of these are for licensed CMB personnel only.  Please call ahead to find out about availability, if you are not currently an Independent Mortgage Agent, Brokers, Submortgage Broker, or Associate at CMB.
The monthly mortgage agent meetings are usually held two times a month, and you can scroll our calendar of agent meetings for the times and locations.  CMB shares product information, reviews and compares mortgage interest rates, and will invite a bank, trust company, credit union, or other private lenders to speak on certain topics. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   Do we earn RE Licensing credits or CE Credits ?
A.   No.

Q.   These meetings are not convenient, How can I get the information ?
A.   You can get the same information by watching the CMB Video Training Library anytime from your computer or phone device.

CMB Peer Group Sign-up

Once you sign-up, you will then be added to an open and available Peer Group.  These Peer Groups are open, to any and all CMB Independent Mortgage Agents, Brokes, Submortgage Brokers, and Associates only.
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