​​Licence Ontario FSRA 10134 British Columbia BCFSA X300202

Toronto      416.410.1315

Vancouver  778.383.1995

C.M.B. Canada Mortgage Brokers Inc.
CMB is a Canadian private corporation independent from the control of any banks, trusts, or insurance companies.  We are licensed in Ontario FSCO 10134, British Columbia FIC X300202, Alberta RECA. 

The CMB Mortgage Referral Program pays from

30% of total commission. If the total commission

earned is $25,000 then CMB would pay you

between 30% or maximum $7,500.00.

* Estimates only.

CALL NOW for superior mortgage rates and flexible mortgage approvals

  • We don't sell other financial products to your customers
  • Referral Fees paid into your bank account
  • Superior mortgage rates and flexible mortgage approvals
  • Residential and Commercial products from Banks, Trusts, Credit Unions, and Mono-line Lenders
  • No Charge-backs on your Mortgage Referral Fees
  • Referral partners don't require a mortgage license or E & O Insurance for simple introductions
  • Free mortgage webpage with your customized information
  • You have a dedicated CMB Broker to help support your clients' requests 
  • Mortgage Connector Software to refer, track, and manage commissions in real time.
  • C.M.B. Canada Mortgage Brokers Inc. is licensed in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario. All mortgage approvals are arranged with a licensed mortgage broker, agent, associate or sub-mortgage broker of C.M.B. Canada Mortgage Brokers Inc.
  • Referral Fees may change without notice and at the option of CMB. The CMB Mortgage Referral Program is offered through C.M.B. Canada Mortgage Brokers Inc. These referral fees are valid only for referring consultants or entities, that have an authorized and signed mortgage referral agreement with C.M.B. Canada Mortgage Brokers Inc.

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Benefits of CMB Mortgage Referral Program