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Mortgage Products Approvals

Private Investor Series

Individual investors looking for more control of their non-registered investments. These investors manage their own private mortgage administration and debt recovery. CMB offers limited mortgage brokerage services at competitive discounted rates.  CMB is not a Mortgage Investment Corporation and does not require you to hold monies in a trust account.  Investors hold monies in their own accounts till the transactions are ready to fund, and then a lawyer is used to manage the transactions.

CMB Private Equity Protector

Competitor Series
These products provide great rates for borrowers who can meet preferred lending requirements. We offer several options for salaried or self-employed borrowers. These mortgages help those with; top tier beacon scores, 2 years Notice of assessments, Salaried - job letters and pay stub, Self-employed-- stated income letter, no past bankrupt, no past consumer proposals, continuous employment or ongoing business showing 3 years of continuity, no secondary financing required, equity from your own resources.

Achiever Series
These mortgages fall outside the guidelines of the major banks. These solutions are designed to help borrowers get the financing to purchase, refinance, renew and achieve their financial goals. These mortgages help borrowers with; Bank declined, No or low beacon score, lacking documents to confirm income, past bankrupt, consumer proposals, self-employed, commissioned sales people, rental properties, second properties, vacation properties, past credit issues that have been resolved, equity lending, construction financing, renovations.

Specialty Line Series
Fully secured credit lines or credit cards for residential borrowers. Top-up mortgages secured by second mortgages. CMB has preferred rates for borrowers who can meet most credit guidelines, or those borrowers that need financing for hard to approve transactions. 

Commercial  Series
Term financing for Industrial, Commercial and Investment properties. Insured and conventional products.  Short term, renovation and construction financing.

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Affinity Series
These products and services are provided by the CMB Approval Centre Division to our referral partners.  Anyone can introduce mortgage solutions to their clients, through the CMB Approval Centre.  You do not need a mortgage licence or errors and ommissions insurance to make the simple introduction.    


​​Licence Ontario FSRA 10134 British Columbia BCFSA X300202

Competitor Commercial
Achiever Commercial
CMB Gold Commercial                                  
CMB 65 Equity Commercial
CMB VIP Commercial
CMB 75 Equity Commercial
CMB Entrepreneur Commercial
CMB Equity Construction Commercial
CMB Constracteur Commercial
CMB Equity Redevelop Commercial

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